We all know Alberta is at a crucial moment. Change is inevitable, and exciting, but there is so much to preserve. This is the most entrepreneurial province in Canada for a reason. So many of Canada’s enterprises and ideas launched in Alberta, in good and bad economic times, because of who we are at our best. If we work hard together, and help each other, we can make it through this difficult period stronger than ever.

I want to be a bigger part of that hard work.

When I first arrived in Edmonton-Rutherford, as a boy, my family didn’t have much. We struggled for things I now take for granted: food, clothes, a car. This community helped. Albertans helped. Thanks to early encouragement and opportunity, the culture of this city and this province, I co-founded a company called Yardstick Software that sells to customers around the world.

I will always be grateful for that support, for Albertans’ modest but crucial investment in my family. With humility and curiosity I want to help my neighbours and all Albertans launch their own ventures and ideas, raise healthy families, live happy and creative and dignified lives.

The government doesn’t build Alberta. Albertans do. You do. But good government makes it possible for us all to focus on our dreams and ambitions. I am seeking to represent the constituents of Edmonton-Rutherford, to advocate, to encourage, to help, because I know what Albertans at their best can build.


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